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What do you do when your whole world is turned upside down?

I have been hard at work preparing and getting myself ready for the fight of our lives. 2023 was supposed to be my year, as we planned and I have been putting in a lot of work to get my body ready for the most spectacular showdown the world has ever seen. Candice and I were on our way to go claim our elusive Absa Cape Epic win. I had other goals and plans as well but that was a biggie.

Alas, the universe had other plans in store for me, and if I am honest this has been coming for a while.

Those who know me know that I am a fighter, and with that comes a type of determination that does not settle or stand back. But at the start of this year, after I fell ill with another Covid infection it all become too much. I was convinced something was wrong, as I have been saying for the better part of 1,5 years. I had to find out what was going on. This time I thankfully got to the right people at the right time, the best way I can describe it is divine intervention.

So down to the bottom line, the biggest and most important finding was that I have been diagnosed with Myocarditis. To those that are not medically inclined this in short means inflammation of your heart, and one of the reasons why so many young athletes are dropping like flies on the sports fields.

I was shocked and relieved and had a whole mix of emotions at once. I half expected the doctors to come back, like so many have before, and say nothing is wrong. But this time I could get a name and finally know that there is a reason why I am feeling the way I am and I was not going insane. There is something going on within my poor body that has been through so much, now it is my turn to take care of it as it has taken care of me and given me so much in all my years of racing and competing.

We are all human and this can happen to anyone. I never thought this would happen to me but here we are, taking on this uncertain journey of recovery. I am just so thankful we caught it in time before I became another statistic.

Thank you to all my sponsors for all their love and support, I am truly blessed with the most amazing people in my life. I will keep you all updated as I go but for now no exercise or anything that will strain my heart in any form, has been prescribed. This is not an easy fix and they cannot give me an exact timeline but a minimum of 6 months is the start, then we evaluate as we go.

Be safe out there friends and look after yourself, these are strange times we are in, and do not train when you are feeling a bit under the weather its not worth it.

Take care,


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