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Valued Supporters

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Rola Motor Group

Thank you to my sponsor, Rola Motor Group, I have been fortunate enough to have the backing of this amazing brand in my journey of aspiring to reach the top. I’m so grateful for the outstanding level of professionalism that accompanies this brand and the loving support the Rola Family offers. Check out their website to learn more, or if you are looking for some new or little less new wheels, they have it all... literally.  

LIV Cycling South Africa

I grew up on a GIANT-way back when there were no female-specific bikes yet- Signing with LIV has been like coming home. I am in love with the bike, the brand, and all they stand for, and I am honored to be able to represent LIV cycling at the sharp end of racing. I have a lot of goals that I am still aiming for and together with this amazing group of people and phenomenal bike, we will #LIVcommited until we reach them.

Garmin South Africa

Where you lead I'll follow! What a thrill it is to be able to partner with my favourite navigation brand. I have been using GARMIN products for as long as I can remember and it truly is a privilege to be a part of a team that feels just as passionately about competitive sports as I do. I cannot wait to see where we go next.

Want to become a sponsor? Contact me today and join the game.

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