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Reflect. Review. Resume.

It is that time of the year, after the dust has settled and we are left with a lot of fond memories of a season passed.

What a journey is has been! Thanks so much to all for the great support. I really cannot do what I do without all my amazing sponsors, family, friends, coach and of course you all out there!

For now it is almost time to start the build-up for the next season and I am going big. Dreaming bigger, aiming higher... I just love when a plan comes together (well not quite together but almost).

For now I would like to hear from you guys. What has been your fav moments so far and any fun plans for the holiday? I would like to get some feedback and hear what you would like to see on my new blog/site ?

Time to get cracking ... summer is upon us in the southern hemisphere and that means great rides are on the horizon, see you out there!


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